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Our doctors of chiropractic are specially trained to diagnose and treat a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Their prescribed treatment plans combine the most cutting edge techniques in chiropractic care, rehabilitation, and massage therapy, so their patients not only get out of pain fast, but learn the tools to continue a pain-free and healthy life. Under the instruction of our doctors, our team can help you strengthen and rehabilitate the injured areas and start you on the path to wellness.

Chiropractic care has been the leading natural and non-invasive approach in treating chronic spinal pain conditions for the past century. Much has changed in the past 100 years and our clinic specializes in utilizing the best combination of chiropractic with spinal rehabilitative exercises for pain management and relief. Chiropractic care works by first relieving the tension or inflammation to the delicate nerves of the spine. After chiropractic adjustments are made, and pressure is removed from the spinal nerves, relief is almost instantaneous. And chiropractic care isn’t just for your spine! Just about every part of your body can be treated with the variety of treatment options available in our office.